We specialise in the production and commercial application of biodiesel for power, heating and road transport.
We will assist you with your switch to biodiesel.From initial enquiry through to implementation, our expertise will help you to make the right decision for your business.
Stringent quality assurance procedures ensure top quality biodiesel for your piece of mind.We only use waste cooking oils from the UK. This makes our fuel amongst the most sustainable in the market today.
Replacing fossil fuels with biodiesel will make a significant contribution towards your sustainability targets. It is an effective marketing message that will enhance your company’s reputation.

Customer Testimonials
  • “When we first approached Biofuels, they were ‘brilliant’, going into lots of detail to make sure we were set up properly”

    Steve Colesell (Owner) Aztec Event Services

  •  “They are really very nice people to work with.”

    Duncan Arthur (Director) Halso Petroleum